Delivering the goods AT HOME AND OVERSEAS
Perhaps the most important element of a direct mail campaign is distribution. To be fast and economic takes a detailed knowledge of distribution, consolidation and the various postal discounts available. With wide experience of numerous direct mail campaigns within the UK and overseas, KJS has the knowledge to deliver a premier service every time.

In the UK, you can save up to 15% on postage costs by sorting items to meet Royal Mail Mailsort or Presstream standards. Over the last couple of years the postal market has opened up to other authorised licensed mail carriers, these can offer competitive rates which may be suitable for some of your items. We have strong relationships within these areas, so you can always be assured that you will get the best advise and the best costs available to you.

For mailings beyond the UK, an efficient distribution service is even more important because direct mail will often be the only channel of communication with your customers and potential customers. We can select the best and most economic route of despatch for your consignments into Europe and the Rest of the World, by distribution through consolidators and various postal authorities, via direct injection into a specific country, or in the hands of reliable international couriers.

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